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As specialists in electrical engineering we customised solutions at all power grid levels.

Our experienced engineers follow a standardised process to develop a suitable (electrical and/or mechanical) solution for your company as efficiently as possible.

Our production includes both electrical and mechanical manufacturing and testing.

On-site services consist of installation, commissioning and maintenance. In addition we offer, for example, energy efficiency measurements and consultations with partners.

Within the energy sector we primarily focus on larger manufacturing companies – in any sector – anything that evolves around energy production. Here we concentrate particularly on renewable energies.

Within the industry sector we primarily focus on larger manufacturing companies – in any sector.

Within the mobility sector we focus on train, shipbuilding as well as e-mobility.

Turnkey Station Solutions (e.g. Compact Transformer Stations) for the renewable energy sector, as well as Power Houses. All solutions are fully tested and ready for plug and play installation on site.

Installations that distribute high electrical power at different voltage levels to the place of use (e.g. company, construction site). We sell both low- and medium voltage switchgear.

We can equip each system with automation-, safety- or communication technology (including power quality solutions).

We produce a wide range of products equipped with control technology for various applications (e.g. control panels for merchant shipbuilding and control cabins).

We produce a wide range of weather- and vandalism resistant housings for our systems or other electrical engineering.

In addition to services like installations, we offer network measurement and installation training to ensure that your electrical engineering is set up for the long term.

Success stories

Agile, efficient, smart – selected customer projects

Trains for the globe with control cabins from Bremen

FEAG has been building control cabins for high-speed trains for almost 20 years. From the ICE-T to the ICE3, control panels continue to be equipped electrically and integrated into the end carriages. These trains are now in operation in Spain, Russia, China and Germany.

In 2009, FEAG received the order to develop a new, more modern version of the control cabins. This development was successfully completed in cooperation with our customer and local partners. The order comprised the complete control cabins including the mechanical support structure, the GRP cladding and the electrical equipment.

Energy generation on a lake

We have already been able to provide some of our 1,800 kVA TKS for large, international floating parks. In the future, our 3,150 kVA compact transformer station will also be available for floating.

Due to the interconnected solar module and compact transformer station pontoons, as well as the lightweight construction, a safe and stable overall system is quickly built on the water.
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New energy supply for fresh chocolate mass

A well-known chocolate bar manufacturer needed to renew two power supply stations since the previous ones were outdated after about 40 years. Thanks to our integrated solutions business we were able to offer a comprehensive concept – from consulting and engineering services to production and on-site service.

Due to the close cooperation between our departments, we were able to plan, set up and connect the equipment in a very short period of time – even under the challenging conditions of handling and reconnecting the very old power cables. Parts of the conversion were carried out during ongoing operations, so that the customer had no restrictions in his production flow.
Vision 2025

As ex­perts in elec­tri­cal en­gi­nee­ring, we set sustainab­le in­dus­try stan­dards and in­itia­te in­no­va­ti­on in col­la­bo­ra­ti­on.




We have been specialists in electrical engineering for more than 25 years.

Innovation is part of our daily business. We are technology lovers. That’s why we understand our customers so well – we are mentors and facilitators for each other. We are not super heroes, but we give superpower.
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