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Low-voltage Systems

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Low-voltage Switchgear is the link between power generation and end consumers.

Low-voltage Systems related products

Smart Power Center

Based on many years of experience, we have developed the innovative Smart Power Center (SPC) product family, which is used in industry, as well as in power generation and distribution. The modular system can be adapted to different customer requirements – it can be used for all switching, disconnection, distribution and control tasks; in fixed-mounted, plug-in and fully withdrawable technology. The fully withdrawable technology of the Motor-Control-Centre allows modules to be exchanged during operation and at the same time guarantees the protection of persons from the dangers of electric current and a high level of system availability.

Our SPC has high safety standards, due to:

  • The innovative contact system of the withdrawable modules and the arc-fault-free field rail (arcing faults can occur in the event of short circuits within the system and thus pose a danger to persons and the system)
  • Type-test IEC 61439-2
  • Arc fault test IEC 6164
  • Earthquake-proof IEC 60068-2-27
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The Sivacon S8 switchgear from Siemens, which can be used as a low-voltage main distribution board and motor control centre (MCC), is a product that we engineer, produce and market as a franchise partner for Siemens. The SIMARIS planning tool supports us in dimensioning the switchgear, considering the necessary switchgear and distributions.

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The OKKEN switchgear is a type-tested switchgear system for the distribution of power (PCC) and for switching motors (MCC), which we engineer, produce and market as a franchise partner.
OKKEN switchgear can be modified and expanded at any time while energised – with power outgoers and motor starters in plug-in and fully withdrawable technology. The ECO Struxure Facility planning tool supports us in dimensioning the installations and selecting the necessary switchgear and distribution boards.

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Power Distribution Substation

The Power Distribution Substation is an economical and reliable system for decentralised energy distribution. It is used in industrial plants, workshops, large buildings and other production facilities. In other words, wherever consumers need to be connected to the power supply over a short distance. The energy supplied is delivered at a high voltage, e.g. 10kV, which reduces energy losses in the cables. The transformer installed in the station takes the high voltage and transforms it down to the required consumer voltage. On the low-voltage side, consumer fields can be set up according to demand.

Further advantages of our Power Distribution Substation:

  • High level of personal protection
  • Operational and supply security
  • Can be used directly in the production area
  • No enclosed electrical operating rooms required
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