Our versatile transformer compact station

The compact transformer station can also be integrated into the proven floating system of our partner Zimmermann PV by means of a pontoon.
Thanks to the interconnected solar module and compact transformer station pontoons, as well as the lightweight construction, a safe and stable overall system can be quickly set up on the water.

Further advantages of our floating compact transformer station:

  • The oil collection tray is tightly welded and certified according to StaWa-R TÜV and thus complies with the german WHG (Water Resources Act)
  • The standard transformer oil is bio-based and therefore particularly environmentally friendly
  • The coating of the floor tub is designed for fresh water, which prevents contamination of the water and provides additional protection for the tub
  • The floor tub is partially submerged in water, thus providing additional natural cooling for the oil transformer
  • The cable entries are above the waterline so that the cables do not lie in the water
  • The pontoon offers 70mm clear height under the stable running surface for cable routing

Based on many years of international experience we offer our customers a high level of safety
through fully qualified housings that are adaptable to climatic conditions.

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